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Convertible Car seats Convertible Car Seats

Convertible Car seats

Convertible car seats are very similar to infant car seats and should be used according to the child’s specific weight. For small children, car seats are mandated by law and it is imperative that parents properly follow the instructions for the convertible car seats as failure to fasten them in correctly could lead to devastating consequences.

What is special about convertible car seats as opposed to other car seats?

Convertible car seats, as the name suggests, are convertible. They can be either forward facing car seats or rear facing car seats, however parents should be aware that all infants under 20lbs must be in a rear facing car seat. These car seats allow a smoother transition for parents and help lower their costs by bridging the gab between rear facing car seats and forward facing car seats.

At what age or weight do children grow out of their convertible car seats?

These seats cover a wide weight range due to their convertible feature. The lowest weight an infant can be when riding in a convertible car seat is 5lbs, however they can stay in their convertible car seat until they weigh up to 50lbs. Some of the best convertible car seats allow your child to remain in the rear facing position until they are 35lbs before having to switch them to the forward facing position.

How much do convertible car seats cost?

The best convertible car seats can cost up to several hundred bucks, however smart shoppers can find used car seats and even great deals online to help them save quite a bit. Expect to pay anywhere from $50-$250 with the best convertible car seats in the mid to upper price range.

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