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Infant Car seats Infant Car Seats

Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats are mandated by law in every state in the United States and even Australia. These car seats are also mandated in many other countries for all motor vehicle transportation of infants. Due to the fragility of infants, it is important that they be properly protected in the event of a car accident however many people are unaware of just how they need to be secured and why.

What is special about infant car seats from other car seats?

Infant car seats are the only rear facing car seats. These rear facing seats are designed to distribute the force of the restraints evenly throughout the child’s body, excluding its limbs. The seat is designed to make a cocoon of sorts around the child so that when an accident does occur then the impact of the cars is absorbed in the secure outer shell of their infant car seat.

At what age or weight do babies grow out of their infant car seats?

Infant car seats, or rear facing car seats, are designed specifically for children under 20lbs. If your child is under that weight child car seat laws mandate that they must be restrained at all times in an infant car seat. Depending on the model of car seat you get, however, your seat may be able to safely hold your child until they are 32lbs; to check and see how much your rear facing car seat can hold then read the instructions that come with it.

How much do infant car seats cost?

Brand new infant car seats can cost between $50 up to several hundred bucks. The cost varies greatly on the style, brand, and any accessories that come with the infant car seat. To find out more about this type of car seat check out the reviews to find the best infant car seat for your child!

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