Harmony Carpooler Booster Seat Review


Overall Opinion Of The Harmony Carpooler Booster Seat

The Harmony Carpooler Booster Seat looks nice however it really doesn’t hold up when used. It slants, doesn’t work well with the seat belt, and tilts way too easily when the child moves. Overall really not a good buy for the money – you are better off paying a couple bucks more for a much more sturdy child booster seat.

Harmony Carpooler Booster Seat Specifications

Product Dimensions: 16x17x9.5
Product Features: washable micro suede fabric and cup holder
Recommended Ages: 2-9 years old

The Good

  • Fabric – black and red micro suede
  • Size - large enough to accomodate children while still small enough to allow for three across sitting in the back seat
  • Comfort - the ultra plush cushion is lined with a soft yet washable micro suede fabric

The Bad

The Harmony Carpooler Booster Seat is has one major flaw: it tilts. When the child turns to put on their seat belt it tilts. When the child goes to get out of the car it tilts. This makes it awkward and annoying for children and parents alike.

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One Comment/Review

  • mentos says:
    3 stars

    I really think you guys were too hard on your car seat review for Harmony Carpooler Booster Seat. I have this booster seat for my child and I’ve barely noticed the tilt on it. Also, the tilt doesn’t really affect the overall use of this booster car seat. I’ll admit the cup holder is a little flimsy but it’s still holding up!

    While this definitely isn’t the best booster seat 2014 its a good choice for the price range. I’d give it a 3/5 total honestly

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